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I believe in putting people first & proactively adding value.


I concurrently completed my BS & MS in Info. Systems Management from BYU in 2018, where I published academic articles on accounting fraud & info. security. Learning has been a lifelong passion for me.

Info Security

I take a risk-based approach to security, rather than a transactional approach.
I believe helping people (1) understand their risk landscape and (2) what things they can do that result in better outcomes than fear-mongering.


I enjoy going on walks, sports, learning history, gardening, painting, composing music, learning new things, and especially spending time with other people (particularly my family).


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Info Security Initiatives

Initiatives I've created to help educate the general public on basic info. security principles & those interested in cybersecurity careers.

Secure Families


Covers six areas of concerns kids and teenagers commonly face online, including anonymity, cyber bullying, adult content, etc.

Visit SecureFamilies.org

Intro to Security


Educates the general public on basic cyber-risks and simple things they can do to become safer online. Also provides info for people who want to have a career in security.

Visit IntroToSecurity.com


YouTube Tutorials

Videos I've created that cover topics including ethical password cracking, pen. testing (i.e, "hacking"), OWASP, etc.

Watch Tutorials

The World of Cybersecurity


Presents the major physical, digital and social engineering risks related to info. security & how to develop a security mindset. Discusses issues related to privacy & the government. Lastly, provides extensive resources to learn more.

Visit Site

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The best ways to contact me are on:


You can also message me using my Public PGP Key.
Fingerprint: ABA6 123A CFF3 9CD6 EAFB 1633 6684 A623 70A0 7028